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Question about Harry Potter?

Like do the wizards have their own seperate world from the muggle world, or what's the deal with that? Like hogwarts for example, where the heck is that??? And if they have their own world, why are they constantly going between the muggle world and the wizard world?


Uh I know it's make believe...I never claimed otherwise.....

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    technically, no there is no separation between the worlds. If you take Hogwarts for example, a muggle can go up to it but because of the spells on it, it just looks like an old ruin with a big DO NOT ENTER sign. Other magical sites such as Diagon Alley can only be accessed by wizards. In Diagon Alley, you have to get in through the Leakey Cauldron which is on a muggle street but only wizards are able to see it. You get the idea, no separate worlds but spells and attachments make the wizard places invisible to muggles.

    Source(s): I've read all the books way too many times
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    NO. Hogwarts is in the same world as the muggle world. That's why they have to put up muggle-repelling charms on wizarding places. The charms makes it so that muggles can not see it, and makes them think of things to distract them from going there. If Hogwarts was in a separate world, they wouldn't need to repel muggles, as there would be no muggles there in the first place.

    Hogwarts is in Scotland, actually.

    I know crossing through the wall at King's Cross may seems like passing to a different world, but that's not it. It's in the same world as everything else; Platform 9¾ is merely hidden at King's Cross so that muggles can not access it.

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    They do sort of have their own world but it's still in the muggle world too. And they put spells on magical places so muggles are repelled and don't see what's actually there but something else, like instead of Hogwarts they see an abandoned building.

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    hogwarts and the wizarding world was accessible through the platform 9 3/4 at king's cross. well that was just for students. certified wizards could apparate to get to hogwarts, but they couldn't disapparate to leave the property. wizards could also ride broomsticks, thestrals, hippogriffs, or Hagrid's enchancted motorcycle.

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    Wizards do have their own world.I think Hogwarts is in Scotland or England.They go between the worlds because they have to blend in with Muggles.

    God, did you even read the books?

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    it is all amke believe and FALSE.

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