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Why do women refer to themselves as the B-word but get so angry when men call them that?

It's just like when Black people refer to themselves as "kniggers" but get angry when White people do it. If we all start to respect ourselves, maybe the respect of others would be more warranted. I am a Black woman and I don't call myself a "female dog" or a "knigger." Thus, when other people call me these things I am not a hypocrite when I am offended by it. Why do SOME women do this? Do they think that it is cute to call themselves derogatory names?


@ Snacking the Pack- oooookkk! Funny but not a real answer to anything.

@ Jack: Get a life you idiotic loser! I have one and it doesn't include dumb buttholes like you. Your mom and your grandma are probably the biggest whores and female dogs around. So, they birthed a whore and a "betch", which is you! P.S.- when I come across idiots like you, I pity you because I know that your parents are either siblings or first cousins at best.

Update 2:

@ Dartht33- I don't date women. A doule standard is: a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Because ALL women don't call themselves female dogs, it is not a double standard when a man cannot call ALL women a female dog. A double standard would be, "Men acting like whores is perceived as cool, women acting like whores is perceived as slutty." But, you can call it whatever you like, it's your mouth.

@ Scooby- Men complain (like you are doing now) and act snobby and arrogant and many act like effeminate women- so, i guess that they are female dogs also. This includes you. Goodday!

@ Alex- It's not okay to think that about yourself. That's why you get offended when men call you that! I assure you, when men "act like female dogs"- i.e., when they complain and are mean- they don't go around calling themselves "biches" in their mind.

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    I think the way they say it when they say bitches has a different meaning than when other people say it about them. Personally, I know that I can be a ***** sometimes and I'm willing to admit it, though I don't call myself or others that, I just think "gosh I'm such a b..." after I do somehting mean or stupid. But I do get kind of offended by it when someone else calls me it...I guess it's one of those things where you know it's true, but it hurts to hear lol. Who knows though, people are crazy. Probably got it from jersey shore or some stupid show like that.

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    It's called a double standard. Get used to those if you want to be with a woman for any extended period of time.

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    Cause all females in the world know that they are B I T C H E S , most of them are ... Its easier to accept it yourself rather than been told you are one rite .. thats all ..

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    shut up betch

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    cuz theyre bit@#es lmao

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