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teen girls : Do you think of food all the time?

i dont know why but i'm a recovered anorexic, i never touch junk food or anything like that. I dont let myself have more than 1800 cals a day. It is just so bad that i cant stop thinking about food. I binge once a week ( around 2200-2500). Am i okay. what should i do. I'm still having the fear of gaining weight

Btw, i'm 100-105lbs and 5'3'' tall. I exercise everyday ( 1.5-3 hours hours a day)

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    Your quite skinny ! i personally love food and i'm 13, weigh 45 kg last time i checked, and am 157 cm and my BMI is that i am slighty underweight so if your taller than me and weigh the same amount as me, than you probably would be slightly underweight too.

    And by the way, i always think about food :) i LOVE LOVE food !

    Congratz about your recovery !!! Well done

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    Thats suuper unhealthy. 1800 is a good amount of calories for a teen, but you don't need all that exersize. 1500-1800 cals a day will help you maintain your weight, along with an hour of exersize 3 times a week.

    And about the binging. A good way to stop is to think about why you do it. Sometimes you eat because its just the time of day to eat. EXAMPLE: its 12 noon and you start to get hungry even thought you ate 2 hours ago.

    Thats because youre used to eating around that time. Sometiimes its cause youre bored, or maybe just because you like food.


    Binging and then over exersizing will cause you to gain love handles and belly fat in the future, even if you wait a day until you exersize. Its because after binging, your tummy is bloated for a long time until all the food is gone. And exersizing will just tighten those muscles While youre still bloated. Its complicated. Thats the best I can explain it.

    Good luck. I used to be anorexic. I used to binge and purge. I used to be bulemic. Now im normal.

    You can get past the former anorexia. I can tell you havvent let it go yet.

    Source(s): btw bella is an epic name :D wayy more epic than mine
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    Hey Bella, glad your recovering, or recovered. Believe yourself, you are skinny, not even close to "fat." Don't let your fear of gaining weight take you over. You need to trust yourself, and "throw caution to the wind." Also think of it like this, if you gained weight, it's not impossible to take it off, so no matter how much you eat, you can control your weight. So you don't be afraid to eat so much. I don't need to gain or lose weight right now, if any, lose a little bit more (5-10 lbs.) Yesterday, I was 156.7 pounds, and today, I'm 160.6 pounds because I ate so much and didn't really do anything active. But it's ok because all I need to do is not eat as much (or eat healthier foods) and play some Basketball (or whatever you like to do) and I'll deffinately be back to at least 158 by tomorrow. So you may hate to gain weight at the time, but in the long run, you can cancel it out, or you'll see that it was better than losing or maintaining your weight (whatever situation you may be in.) It might also help to talk to your doctor. They won't think less of you or anything for what you throw at them. They are someone you can talk to, and they can help. Anyone in the world who looks at you now, will without a doubt tell you you're not fat. Hope everything gets better Bella!

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    Lol I think about food all the time I'm 19 yrs old 5'5 and 165lbs and I'm happy with my weight don't be afraid to gain a little weight but deffinitley stick to your exercising and still try to ear as healthy as you can cheating once in a while isn't so bad and no there is nothing wrong with you :)

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    always thinking of food and what im going to eat next, or what ill bake, or how good food taste....

    most girls have an emotional attachment with chocolate.

    congradz on recovering, you are really strong and special :D

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    Girl! Your skinny! Don't lose weight it will just me seem fatter :P and I think about food all of thr time I had like 2 cups of ice-cream today!

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    You're going through puberty, you should be eating more.

  • youre fine.

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