Help with lyrics? Marvins room re-make?

Im trying to make a re make to drakes marvins room. my remix is about 2 guys and a girl... Basically the girl was in a relationship. With one guy then left him.for.another guy.....guy1 is saying that hes better then.guy 2 and thats why his girl left him...guy 2is saying that shes just using guy1 and wilk evenyually come back to him... Any sugestions with lyrics? Versus? Any good metaphors?

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    I once knew a woman who plied me with hope

    Like I was a Catholic and she was the pope

    Oh, but she treated me shoddy

    That serpent who wore a girl's body

    A clever young fellow encroached on her eye

    Stole her away like a plum from a pie

    Hooked her in half of a flicker

    Did she fight it? Well don't make me snicker

    And his eyes filled up with frost

    As he shouted, "Dude, you've lost.

    Life and evolution always go my way."

    I said, "I bet you think you're smart

    And you're sure you own her heart

    She deceived me; she'll deceive you too one day"

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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