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Why am I only sexually attracted to......?

Myself, like seriously, I am very confident in my looks and love myself. I've had women who say you look good and I say " I know". So why does this upset them because I don't care. Also, why do I love how I look more than she does but most importantly, why do I not care what she thinks? Also, when I look in the mirror I'm turned on by myself, yet if she looks, I don't care. Why is that?


Why do I not care about your answers.

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    I think you need to pull your heard out of your A$$, first off we dont know what you look like behind an avatar, for all we know you could look like monkey sh*t. second you not going to get anywhere with that kind of attitude. and last even if you were good looking, it's personality that counts and makes the real value of someone. there's a lot of fake good looking people out there, so your no even a statistic. just placing value in yourself based off looks makes you shallow with nothing else to offer this world.

    hope this helps

    ps if you didnt care about our answers, why did you ask this question int he first place? or are u just mad cus were not telling you what you want to hear? did each one of us strike a cord or something?

    Source(s): LOGIC!!!!
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    There is no conceit in your family... you have it ALL! You might be a good looking dude,but that doesn't mean you're one bit "better" than anybody else. So come on down and join the race... the HUMAN race!

    Source(s): 70 years of life - and I've seen folks like you many, MANY times! As soon as they quit preening and shake off the conceit, people actually LIKE them!
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    Agree with what everyone else has said.

    FYI, when someone tells you that you look good-a true gentleman says "Thank You."

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