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He seems upset about my cocaine use?

We're all 17 year-old guys. Anyhow, I moved to a city 2 hours away from my old town but came back for the long weekend. One day it was just us 5 guys chilling out a my best bud's place, I'll call this friend Rod, and we were just watching the baseball game.

One of the guys noticed that I have this habit of playing with the zipper on my hoodie. I replied, quite stupid of me now looking back, "I've always had my habits. My worst one is this." And with that I pulled out a small baggie of cocaine. The other guys seemed shocked at this, none of them are into drugs, this habit is entirely mine, and one of them piped up and said they didn't believe it was cocaine, that I was just "messing" with them and it was actually something else. A couple of the others said if it was really cocaine I should prove it and snort the stuff. I indeed snorted it and by the time they all believed me. None of the others said much, but Rod was stunned. He asked how long I've been using and I told him since I moved away. He told me to stop, that I was too smart for that stuff and didn't I realize I could end up dead from it?

I told him to take it easy. Everything is under control. I use it, it does not use me. I use it to feel good, and totally recreational. I then changed the subject, but fir the rest of the weekend Rod acted totally different towards me. He was aloof and just told me a few more times to get help. The others seemed to get over it.

Why does it only bother Rod and none of the others, even after I told him not to worry?

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    He's right, you're wrong. What a ridiculous question, of course cocaine is bad for you!

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    Being that I'm literally in the same boat as you, I'll tell you what I know.. my BEST friend who also doesn't do drugs talked to me about a two months ago when I got into somewhat frequent ecstasy, mdma, and coke use (obviously all at separate times) and he's just like "I don't think its a good idea to be doing that so much, I think you should stop" and obviously I said the same thing to him that you said to your friend.. but when he told me to stop I could hear the seriousness in his voice. Im like you, I still say I have it under control and its fine but really, to me "under control" means like if you go to a party then you'll do it, but if you railed a line of coke for the sake of proving it was real, you may need to think about that.. just think, he's your best friend and your probably his or one or his.. he's just thinkin about ya man lol.. I dunno, I'm rambling haha.. btw, Im also 17 and I moved to a city about an hour away from my old town haha. Oh, and also, all these other people piss me off when they're like "drugs are so bad for you, if you do them you automatically become a failure!" lulz

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    Because Rod's actually smart and you and the rest of the guys who didn't care much are complete idiots. Get some help. It doesn't matter what you say about you using the drug, but it doesn't use you. You're completely wrong. You can end up dead.

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    Rod is the only one that cares for you.

    cocaine starts from bad influence most of the time. You bringing it out to friends who do not do it is bad influence.

    The problem here is that you really truly believe that cocaine is harmless.

    Cocaine could be fatal. and trust me .. you do not have it under control.


    that is not normal.

    its gonna go downhill from here. and yes it can kill you.

    even if you do it everyday and believe nothing can happen to you.. you just might get a bad butch and die!

    think about your family and those who love you.

    things are going to get ugly. there is no way for the future.. but either completely wrecked or 6 feet under.

    take care of yourself and those who love you.. do the smart thing!! and as soon as possible. its not a joke!

    best of luck!

    Source(s): x cocaine addict
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Probably because he is your best mate, and is actually looking out for you.

    The others couldn't give a toss, because they aren't really mates at all.

  • 9 years ago

    Listen to Rod dumb***

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