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How long does it take a red tail boa to digest food?

I fed my boa three fuzzies yesterday the lump still hasn't gone down should I be worried

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    24-48 hours. Of course many factors - prey type, size, quantity, temperature all play roles.

    In most cases if you are feeding multiple items you are ready to bump up size. Proper feeding is one prey item up to 1.5 times the snakes girth. The right size prey item should leaves a small but noticeable lump.

    Source(s): Boa constrictor enthusiast, over 20 years keeping reptiles
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    You should never feed your boa more then one prey item a feeding..your just asking for a regurge to happen or a snake that has grown to big to fast and unhealthy. Slow done dude..youll get to enjoy your boa for many years ;)

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    normally is takes about a day that i have seen(FULLY DIGESTED..for the people who think im wrong.) try adding more heat into the basking spot because thats how snakes digest..they lay in the heat.

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