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what do 13 year olds and teens and cant do and need help with that an adult could do easily?

like in a baby cant dress themselves and an older kid can way

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    Well, here's the bad thing...I'm 14, and since I was 12 I have changed, I need privacy or I get rly mad, i dont know any teen that doesnt, we want to do it all our own, but we still need ride to places, and idk about others but I HATE shots, I still ask my mom to hold my hand when i get them, I'm guessing your a mother or aunt or way older sister? Well it depends on the personality, like Monday, one of my best friends are moving and I'm gonna cry every hour I have with her at school, i nay just rly want a big hug from my mom, or like shopping, its a great way to bond, my and my mom can spend 1,000's of dollars in the mall, and we never fight when we spend the day together, and get this, shes not even my real mom she's my adopted mom, we got that close, she said even as a baby I liked her better, I know both girls and guy my age act horrible, I'm sorry, I honestly can't control that so others probably can't either, ill yell when I rly don't mean to, so, just try to bond, maybe let them redecorate their room so you have to help, and when were sick, or at least me, I always only want my mom, but sadly I don't get her much, hope I helped. Good luck! :)

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    Drive? Vote? Maybe have an easier time cooking? (not saying teens cant do these but some cant)

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