Live action Gay romance?

Okay, so im kind of into gay romance. Don't judge me O.o

Any of you guys know of a show with live actors, meaning not anime, that is centered around gays? I wouldn't mind lesbian either, but gays are my first pick. I watch Christian and Ollie already.

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    9 years ago
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    Queer as Folk (I'd say go with the US version, more romance and it's longer).

    The L Word for lesbians.

    Glee has a gay couple.

    There are a whole bunch of past and present gay soap couples: Noah/Luke, Noah/Reid, John Paul/Craig, Roman/Deniz, Oliver/Kyle , Syed/Christian, Brendan/Ste.

    eta:Thought of a couple more-- OZ's Beecher/Keller, Six Feet Under's David/Keith.

  • 9 years ago

    Torchwood is a British action show and the lead character is an immortal bisexual crimefighter and he enters a romance with his gay coworker and many other men.

    Also Queer as Folk. Modern Family has a gay couple in it.

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