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Is there anyone who could please translate a few Flemish messages?

I need a few messages that are in flemish translated and it would be great if someone out there could do it for me just email me at!



These messages are serious and private and i shouldnt just post them on here i just need someone who can email me when they can translate the flemish dutch into english for me.

There are only 3 messages the first is short and the other two are kind of long so please someone help me with these i really need to know what they say!


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    I could do it for you but

    - are these serious messages?

    - how many are a few?

    - translation into which language? French? English?

    Try to post them here :)

    Source(s): Belgian & language tutor
  • 9 years ago

    you can email me. I am Dutch, and I do know Flemish too :)

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