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Can you bleed like a period when you're pregnant?

What I mean is, is it possible to bleed 4 days straight once a month while pregnant? If so, how can you tell the difference between if you're pregnant and if it's your actual period?

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    During pregnancy you can have varying degrees of vaginal bleeding. You can have bleeding anywhere from light spotting that is pink and brown to heavier red bleeding. Some women even report having bleeding like a period. However, if you are not sure if you are pregnant, go to a free clinic and get tested or get a home pregnancy test. The only way to really know if you are pregnant is to get tested. Then if you are pregnant, you will want to go to an OBGYN to see if there is a reason you are bleeding and to make sure that you have a viable pregnancy.

    If you do think you are pregnant, do not use tampons. While you are bleeding, do not have sex and lay on your left side. I will say, if you are pregnant and are going to miscarry, you will miscarry regardless of sexual intercourse or not.

    Source(s): I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first baby. This was information told to me by multiple doctors (obgyns and ER doctors) while I was spotting and bleeding during my first trimester.
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    To me, 4 days straight seems more like a period. I would assume something to be wrong if there is anything more than a few light spots of blood here and there, in no specific time pattern, throughout pregnancy.

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    headline question: yes, you 'can' but not supposed to. The vaginal wall lining can be extra sensitive and bleed, but it isn't the same as menstruation.

    q1: possible, but you should let your OBGYN know immediately.

    q2: well eventually you will have a baby if you are pregnant so... You can take a pregnancy test at home or have your OBGYN blood test you for pregnancy hormones.

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    You shouldn't get painful period pains and bleeding in pregnancy, but some people do get them. Any bleeding in a pregnancy should be checked by your doctor or midwife straight away!

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