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Got a Negative on my six week HIV test!! Help!?

Ok, so I tested negative for my 5 week going on six HIV test today. It was an oraquick antibody 1 and 2 HIV test. I was really happy and thankful. And then I got online :( Instantly my perception changed as people started throwing 3 and 6 months timeframes around. My exposure was a low risk, penile-vaginal only, exposure time was not long. I didnt get any other stds from the woman and she repeatedly said she was clean. The CDC represenative who tested me today said there was no need for a 3 month test, so did my family doctor as the 6 week test is supposed to be nearly 95-99% accurate as most heatlhy people will develop antibodies within the 2-8 week timeframe. The CDC suggests a 3 month time frame as a benchmark. 97% of people develop antibodies within the first 3 months, with a large majority being in the first weeks of infection, seroconversion being an approximate 25-30 days. Im just confused with all these stats and all these opinions. The 3 month test is there for already immuno-suppressed patients, such as people who have cancer, other immune system disorders, and the like. Who already dont have antibodies to spare. I just need someone who knows about HIV to tell me. Can my six week test result change?! Is the oraquick not as accurate?! because i read that it is 99.1% sensitive with blood tests being 99.7%. Also, based on my situation, was heterosexual, penile vaginal transmission high risk?! And why are my care givers advising me to not take a 3 month?! Thanks and God Bless all of you!!! With all honesty, Im just trying to move on with my life. And dont want to think about this anymore, the 6 weeks pre-test was hell, I went through anxiety and stress that just made me feel so bad, especially with the guilt. I dont want to have to wait another six weeks with the same anxiety. :( and I know this was all my fault, and trust me, ive learned from it, just please none of those posts. Thanks again!

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    Accuracy and windows of tests

    as you explain it, you must be perfectly fine

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    Doctors are right!!!!! But just check when 3 months hit :) but till then rejoice ur HIV free :) btw vaginal to penile sex transmission of HIV as the female as the holder of HIV is rare very rare

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