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How do I vent anymore?

I am going through college after years of being out. I still hate it and have doubt about my major. I vent to my mom and brother about it, but they just tell me to keep going. They think I am just whining and taking the easy way out. I am so sick of it and hearing them as so they are of me. I can't seem to stop whining, why? I wish I could just stop going and live my life, but I am going to college just in case it is true that it is better. Is it normal to have doubt about your major until you graduate? How do you know you're in the right one or not? I do have doubt about my major, but I don't know if it's just negative feelings or true indication of needing to change major. I am going to try to talk to an advisor, but I hope it truly helps. I am not one of those people who thinks college is so important. I don't know why, and it makes me feel like an oddball.

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    Seems like they arent hearing you out all of the way..

    My mom just got out of beauty, but before that she always wanted to drop out and quite because she felt like the same way as you.. now that she graduated she has a new shop open and loves every minute of what she does, so i guess you just need to love what you do , because if you dont then you will hate to work everyday instead of loving it. I think you need to mainly just follow your heart. I would try talking to a counceler or an advisor about this, but i truly think you need to just 1, follow your heart, not your moms/brothers because they arent the ones living YOUR life.. 2, list your options and evaluate your disicion.. 3, make sure your disicion is something your truly happy with and no regrets what so ever!! 4, try talking with a close friend or advisor.!

    Good luck and hope i could help!

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