Girls, are these definite signs my friend likes me more than friends? HELP!! 10pts!?

• Let's say her name is Jane and my name is Bob. Jane and I have a mutual friend. A few months after Jane and I met, our mutual friend asked Jane how she met me (Bob) and she responded "I started to talk to him cause I thought he was a cute boy, and then I realized that he has a great personality." Then he goes "Jaaaane!" (kinda as a way to be like, "woow, ooh la la, you like him!") And then Jane giggles and tells him not to tell me.

• She is verry religious/traditional (part of why I like her so much) and invited me to her church which I go to all the time now and we always sit together (she even joked with the pastor that it's a "sign from God" when she saw me sitting in her seat the first day I went). And she was also the sponsor of my baptism. There are some girls there that I was told like me. One of them asked me to go to this concert with her. I asked Jane if she could come too but she couldnt and suggested I date one of the girls (who not many people like) at church who likes me! I was like "whaaat?! I do NOT like her!!" and Jane said that I should "dirty up before church and try not to look so cute" if I don't want girls chasing me.....she also went into denial (im told) when one of the girls told her I "obviously" like her...i thought it was obvious though..She also kinda jokingly said the man she's gonna marry will have hazel eyes and my eyes are hazel...coincidence?

• Also, I was at a mutual friends party. Jane was there with one of her best friends (also very religious/traditional) who i've never met. When this friend was leaving I said goodbye and she asked me my name. I told her and her jaw dropped and smiled and she looked stunned first at me, then at Jane and back at me and was like "this is Bob?!....THE Bob!?" and Jane goes "yes the one from church" but i feel she only told her friend about me being baptized..... I also told her about a girl who was flirting with me and Jane asked if i thought she was pretty and what her name was. when i told her nothing happened, she goes "oh that's boring" ....boring??? what's that supposed to mean? She was even trying to guess the girls name the next day. And another girl (who Jane thinks is beautiful) said I was cute, and Jane kind of muttered quietly, "you should ask her out"...


**BUT I've known her for two years now. We're not like "best-buds" by any means though a lot of people have asked me if we're dating. It's also not like we hang out or talk every day or even every week (besides sitting next to each other and talking at church every Sunday) and I have to initiate things almost always, so I feel like she doesn't like me. And she pays her "best guy friend" more attention than anyone and he likes her but she said she could never date him. She has not dated anyone since I've known her.

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    9 years ago
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    I definitely think that she likes you. As far as the many situations you two went through, I think she is trying to get you to make the first move.

  • 9 years ago

    Ask her out!!

    i showed my boyfriend i was interested but it took him a while to get interested in me. but if you like her go for it!

  • 9 years ago

    yes they are

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