Possible learning disability?

Okay, So ever since 4th grade I can't remember any math. I can't divide, and I can barley multiply. I can't read the time on the analog clock, and I still count on my fingers for addition and subtraction. I'm 15, a sophomore in highschool and I told my councilor this, and she said I may want to be checked for a math learning disability by my school psycologist. I can remember all the vocabulary just fine, vertex, coordinates, ect and the definitions. I have been told I take excellent notes, copying down every single detail. I just cant do the actual math. I've failed every math test since the end of 4th grade. I've had several tutors and they tried to help me, but they had to walk me step through step and ended up doing the problem for me because I couldn't do it. I also have social anxiety, what should I do, or what learning disability do you thing I have? The reason I'm concerned of it extremely now, is because at the end of this year I take my math FCAT (A test you must pass to pass high school). I know for a fact I will not pass it at all, and I need this issue resolved. Please help.


Michael, I know there is something wrong because I spend hours on end studying, I've tried several methods and I cannot remember or understand it. I try my very hardest and I suffer from major depression aswell. I have had a councilor since the age of 9, for 7 years I've had one. And this is affecting me greatly right now, with the feeling of hopelessness. I'm above average in all my other classes, except for anything to do with math.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have no clue Gummy, it's not my field, but I put this on my list so I can check with a lady I know with about 30 years in the field of helping kids with special issues and see if it rings a bell with her. Hopefully I will have an answer for you soon. Unless someone else can fill in the gaps in the mean time.

  • 9 years ago

    hey im 13 and i have the same issue not sure if there is a disability though

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