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my truffles are liquidy?

whenever i make truffles they dont turn out... RIGHT.

the dark chocolate/semi sweet chocolate ones turn out RELALY soft

and the white chocolate ones turn out MELTED. totally melted. even after cooling and freezing.

for the dark chocolate ones i used whole condensed or evaporated milk (not the one with added sugar)

for the white i also use condensed milk but white chocolate instead of dark

same recipe. same amounts of chocolate. same amounts of condensed milk (BTW condensed milk is replacing heavy cream) how come the results are strange? like the dark chocolate ones are soft FREZEN and the white chocolate ones are TOTALLY liquid. like a syrup.

why is this??

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    Well, for one you need to be using heavy cream. Condensed milk isn't appropriate because you need the fat to be there.

    I would also advise lowering the amount of cream used, or even consider using butter, or possibly very little or nothing added at all. When I make truffles, the inside is soft and liquid-y, and the outside is just chocolate. It holds together fine.

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