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Why isn't my blackberry getting past the loading screen?

I seemed to have updated a facebook app on my blackberry and when it told me to reboot, the loading bar always get to about 3/4's loaded and then it stops. I tried removing the battery many times and putting it back and it still loads up to 3/4's on the bar. I tried connecting my blackberry to my computer with the blackberry desktop software but my blackberry doesnt connect. My blackberry has no water damage or has any problems before. Can someone PLEASE help me find the solution?! IM DESPERATE!

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    This just happened to me 3 days ago. They can't do anything and I have insurance so I got a new one for $21. Something. They told me it means a virus. Most likely from downloading any apps. I know it sucks. I was literally about to cry cuz its an expensive phone and I was so frustrated.

    If you have insurance just go and explain your problem. Well even if you dnt have insurance do it.

    Source(s): Just happened to me; good luck ;D
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