How do I get rid of this pesky "congratulations you won ! " ad. in my Web pages ?

I am sick and tired of hearing this desagreable loud voice all the time when I visit certains Web pages.

Thank you for your tip.

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  • 9 years ago
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    That is known as Spyware. You can use Mozilla Firefox and download 'Adblock Plus' add-on from which you can block those annoying popups and advertisements. My advise to you is to never click on those popup ads as they install a bunch of spyware on your computer.

    There are extensive tips and suggestions to avoid spyware while you are browsing.Click on the links below for possible solutions. ( ) ( )

    ( )

    Remember not to open any mail in your Inbox that looks suspicious. Never download unknown attachments without scanning them. Install Malwarebytes and run a free scan daily.( ).Good Luck :)

  • gosman
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    4 years ago

    internet Explorer 6 and seven and, Firefox. i've got confidence all of them have a Pop-Up blocker equipped in. For IE: click on kit / Pop Up blocker / Pop Up blocker settings / you are able to set filter out point to intense and it will block virtually all Pop-Up's, it somewhat is the way I easily have mine set perpetually.

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