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Important, Asking a girl out?

Im 15 and so this mornin I triend to ask this girl out befor school we where alone I was about to ask her when I start to feel weel in the legs amd was about tp statt stutterong when the bell rong. is there any way to help with the nervausness?

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    Just sing "All I want is a little of the good life" in your head. You just have to get into a mind set where nothing matters and you are going to ask this girl because you want to.

    I would suggest not 'asking her out' immediately. You should just try talking to her and if she is nice, ask her out.

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    ask her to a movie

  • 9 years ago

    Just breathe : )

  • 9 years ago

    whaa......uhh.....first off, i couldn't understand half of what you are FIRIN MAH LAZORS!!!!!!

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