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Have you ever had a close friend kill himself (or herself)?

How did you deal with it?

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    Not close, but several, since I was a teen up until two years ago.4th them. I don't know how i dealt wirh it. Shock, dismay,sadness... But it gets better with time.

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    Yes. My cousin killed himself six years ago. His death changed our family forever. Although he had been very troubled with depression and substance abuse problems and is now at peace, the fallout from his death still affects our family today. The guilt, anger, and sadness will never go away. I still miss him and feel that I could have done more to help him with what he was dealing with.

    Try to forgive the person and know that they must have been in a lot of pain to make that decision. Know that they are at peace now and would want you to continue on with your life and be happy.

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    Yes, It takes time to deal with this situation. it happened while in high school, there was a period where things were confusing and wondering if I could have somehow prevented it, but eventually you will continue everyday life and remember the good times you had with them.

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    my uncle killed himself unexpectedly about 3 months ago. i dealt with it by listening to music that i related to, and hanging out with my friends and just not keeping it on my mind all the time. forget about it, but never forget about (if u know what i mean)

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  • Yes, Think that he/she is in a better place. And there basically is no getting over it, it does hurt. But you need to know that they want you to be happy and enjoy all life has to offer.

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  • No. If I did, I would think that they were obviously in a large amount of pain and I wasn't there to help them.

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    9 years ago

    Yes try to block it out and sleep it out

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