Should she stay with me after what ive done?

I will never understand how I can go move across the country and give up and throw away my entire life for someone. I quit my job and am getting ready to stay one here. My old job paid 50000 and I gave it up for her. Then the sec my money and job are gone they dont want me in that way anymore. Especially when its the person u trust the most and u literally go take care of her and her 2 kids while throwing my own life away in the process. Then she says she just isnt ready to move on into a relationship with anyone when u have been together over a month. Is it wrong of me to think she should try to be in a relationship even if she thinks she isnt ready being I threw my life away to take care of her and both of her girls? Plus I have been VERY good to her and the girls. I finally am about to start a new job but I have to move back to nj with no job or home because I gave it all up for her. Should she try to move on and stay in a relationship with me even though she doesnt think she is ready after all ive done? She is going thru a divorce and separated from him July 2nd. She also talks to him thru messages and sneaks phone calls in to him when im not around and doesnt tell me. She asks people what they would think if she went back to him. He is a wife beater. I moved from nj to california august 9th to take care of get and the girls. I feel stupid. Ive known her since january and we became best friends before getting involved and falling in love. I still live with her and am trying to find a place to stay back in nj cause I threw my life away. Im really lost and feel she should at least try with me but I fear she is leaning back to her husband. Why does a wife beater have her heart more than a guy that did what I did for her? Shouldnt she stay with me especially being she still loves me? I just think something id going on with her and the separated husband

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Flint i feel for you on this one... First off im sorry that she does that to you. You are a good man dont waste yourself and your life on someone who is just looking for someone for the mean time while shes going thru her share of problems its not fair to you and her babies that shes having problems and still talking to this wife beater this woman better wake up and smell the coffee because she will lose a really good man. I give you props for staying with her this long keep saying your prayers that everything will get better good luck Sir. Becareful with the next relationship you get into... Make sure shes in it to win it too

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