Information about blind people?

I need to know a lot about blind people for this english entry I only have to fill up a page and a half but I already wrote down stuff about bind people so i need more stuff.

I wrote down they have guide dogs that take them around and that they cant see in there's dreams

I need more information thanks

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    You need to do some real research. There are many organizations that cater to the blind - two main ones in the US: The National Federation of the Blind (, and the American Council of the Blind ( They have strong philosophical differences about what it means to be blind.

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    9 years ago

    Blind people are people first, and then they happen to be non-seeing. There are many degrees of blindness, and from different causes. People are born blind may not see in color when they dream, but those who have some limited vision or have had vision, do dream in color. Those who are born blind don't have the concept of color, but they relate textures to what they are told about colors. For example, "blue" is soft, like velvet, which they can feel. "Orange" is a pungent color, which they can smell in the fruit. You get the idea. They can read, but they do it by touch, by learning the braille system. Some blind people have guide dogs, but others learn to navigate by using a special cane that emits sounds to tell them not to bump into things. Their other senses take over. Blind people have an acute sense of touch, and they rely on their ears and sense of smell to tell them what is near. Look up information on the diseases and conditions that can lead to blindness, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa. Find out about some of the devices blind people use to assist them. You can develop a very good paper, using these sources.

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    It's a first-rate venture, and I desire that you just be successful. Obviously, blind humans can have trouble having access to the web in a visible manner, so ensure that your web page has lots of audio hooks to advisor them round. I'm no longer an educated on this however I do suppose that there are keyboards which might be tailored in braille and so on, so tell your self approximately this, and take matters from there. The very quality of good fortune mate.

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    Hi close you eyes and try walking around your home and just see how difficult it is.

    that would be a good way to find out typing can be done using the dragon program naturally speaking it also reads script so you could get an answer from a blind person.

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    9 years ago

    I hope a blind person writes back!

  • 9 years ago

    maybe u should buy some book written in brail

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