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Can you please tell me how Bill Bradley is a Basketball Hall of Famer?

Bill Bradley was a good college player, I wouldn't say the best of his time but players have had better stats. What makes him a Basketball Hall of Famer based upon your research and knowledge?

Points 9,217 (12.4 ppg)

Rebounds 2,354 (3.2 rpg)

Assists 2,533 (3.4 apg)


Those aren't details sir, you get a thumbs down.

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    Yeah hes stats werent that impressive but he was a big part of the knicks team when they won the championship

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    The Basketball Hall of Fame focuses on all basketball, not just pro basketball. In college, Bill Bradley was a 3x All-American, Player of the Year winner, and Final Four Most Valuable Player winner. He was also an Olympic Gold Medalist, and the first basketball player to win the James E. Sullivan Award, given to the top amateur athlete in the country.

    Really, he probably could of made the Hall of Fame even if he never played in the NBA. Plenty of people are in the Hall who didn't make an impact in the NBA. Even so, Bradley still had a solid NBA career, where he made an All-Star game, and was a key piece for 2 championships.

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    according to this he is 2 time Champion with the NYC Knicks and 2nd overall draft pick of 1965 and Gold medal in 1964 Olympics.

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  • I dunno, contribution to the United States government , he was smart went to Oxford and Air force .. maybe that's why

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    because of how good he was

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