Am i wrong for not letting him in the babys life?

Okay here's my situation, I'm 29 weeks pregnant, there's two possible fathers, one my boyfriend (Man 1) & someone that used to be a good friend (Man 2).

Well I had told man 1 that there was possibility the baby wasn't his, when I was about 4 1/2 months.. (that's when I figured it out).

Man 2 told me if it was his, he'd be excited and would be a good dad.. blah blah.

Man 1 was very upset, and told me to end all contact with Man 2, which I did end most contact with him. Man 1 says he's going to stay with me, and be the father to my son no matter the biological father, but Man 2 can't have anything to do with my son even if he is the father.

Let me tell you about both if them,

Man 1 - has a great job, already has a son, and is amazing father, has a car, we have our own place. He's never put his hands on a woman.

Man 2- has no job, has attempted college 3 times and only would get a few weeks into it and quit. He's addicted to adderall,vicodin, & alcohol. (He's a very angry drunk, and also if he doesn't have his pills or something to get him high, he gets violent) I know he likes heroin & meth. He mooches of people. And I found out this whole time hes had a girlfriend, he is a chronic liar.

Am I wrong for not wanting Man 2 in my sons life? I feel he can't take care of himself nor a female how can he handle a kid? I feel man 1 can provide such a better life for my son..

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    9 years ago

    You shouldn't want man 2 in your baby's life because he can't even take care of himself . . He doesn't even have a job how can he help support you and the baby financially? If he gets violent then you shouldn't want him in your babys life, what if he hurts your baby? Man 1 seems like a great guy, he's staying even if the baby might not be his.. He can support you emotionally and financially which is a good thing. Its best to leave man 2 out .

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  • 9 years ago

    I'd go with Man 1.

    People like Man 2 are just pathetic. Even if he is the biological father, he's not stable.

    ( Financially,emotionally or anything else.)

    If or when( doubt it) he gets himself together, then give him little privileges.

    Then again...Its all about what you want for your child

    Try to avoid anything that could hurt your baby's childhood

    I wish you the Best of luck

    Hope This Helped

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  • 9 years ago

    Stick with Man 1, and tell Man 2 that it's not his baby (even if it might be) and do cut off all contact. I would never ever let him see my son if it were me!

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    9 years ago

    You chose to have a baby with the men and the child has a right to know and establish a relationship with his or her father is. It is not your choice to deny but your duty to the child.

    You should take who you jump into bed with or when you jump into bed a little more seriously.

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  • 9 years ago

    You should have a test down to see who the real father is. It's only best. Hope everything works out!

  • 9 years ago

    yeah girl... ditch man 2.

    it sounds like you have a catch with man 1.. don't lose him, and don't cheat on him again.. thats just low.

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