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I need help working out?

Ok so im a pretty skinny guy and i started working out but right now all i can do is workouts in my house like push ups, sit ups, dips, and stuff like that. Well can anyone help me with some home workouts i can do. I would perfer ones that will help me get my arms bigger, my pecks bigger and help me build strong abs and a six pack.

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    One good workout to do at home which will help your arms, pecs and abs is a kind of modified crunch using a chair. Sit on the chair as you would normally, not quite all the way to the back, and with your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on either side of your hips, grasping the edges of the chair, and transfer your weight from the chair and your feet to your hands. Balancing and supporting yourself with your arms, pull your lower body upwards using your abs, and then lower yourself back down, but keep your weight supported by your arms. Do 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 reps, depending on your current fitness level. This is a good alternative to a traditional crunch as it also works out your upper body, and it's easy to do at home with equipment you already have.

    To work out your arms and pecs alone, you can do a lot using a regular old towel. Roll it up lengthwise so that you have a long, thin roll, and grasp one end with each hand, about a shoulders width apart. Keeping the towel taught, pull it into your chest as if you were using a rowing machine. As long as you maintain tension on the towel and through your muscles, you can get a great workout this way, and use the same basic technique for various other exercises without having to purchase any additional equipment.

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    Firstly you are not gonna get bigger by just working out, in fact, if you are skinny and you work out too much you will get atrophy! (smaller) which is the opposite of what you wanna achieve!

    You dont build muscle while you are working out! you only break it down! You build muscle by how much you then rest it and what you put in for fuel! if you don't fuel your body correctly it aint going anywhere! when you are skinny and wanna get bigger> less = more!

    Eat right, rest up and don't over train!! Something to remember! You can read all these other answers which are a good input, but if you want the RESULTS that you are asking and looking for... listen to me!

    Source(s): Trainer> 6'4" 212
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    Go to your local sporting goods store and buy a pull-up bar. They make some that can fix over a door frame. Pullups are a great addition to bodyweight exercises. If you've got room, learn to do a handstand (against a wall to start off) and work out being able to do handstand pushups.

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    Add pull ups/chin ups to that list and I promise you will achieve all of the above

    I have a well developed muscular body and I've never set foot in a gym.

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