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In a relationship with a drunk (I'm about to lose it)?

I'm about to lose it and give up on this relationship (which most of you would probably say that's what I should do anyways), and it breaks my heart. I'm 24, my bf is turning 23, he's an ex military (did some hardcore **** there). We've been together on and off for almost 2 years. I left him twice before, where I actually got all my belongings and left town/state. We both made stupid mistakes and mistreated each other. So, I'm not saying it's all his fault, however, I stood by his side when no other girl would have. The reason I came back to him every time is because I loved him that much and it hurt to be away from him. Now, it hurts to be with him. And it's all because he can't stop drinking. He drinks every single day, gets stupid, becomes a disrespectful asshole and just absolutely drives me nuts. I tried to tell him how his drinking affects our relationship and that he pushes me away to the point where I wanna leave him (move a few states away as that's the only choice I got). But I've put all myself into this relationship, I committed myself to someone with serious issues and I just don't know what to do. He only seems to care about getting stupid drunk on a daily basis, leave me for hours, come home late. He tells me he loves me and he's nervous about deployment, but he's been this way practically throughout our whole relationship and I had to deal with it. It doesn't matter to him what I say and how I feel. If I get mad at him for coming home late wasted again, he just does the same thing the next day. I tried to ignore it, it didn't make it any better. He hurts us so much and refuses to see it. I know it will hurt me to leave him, but what can I do if he doesn't care about anything. I am so lost and hurt, if only he knew.

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    He needs to go to therapy for pts, post tramatic syndrome.

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