Short and light periods normal?

Last month and this month I've had rather short periods. Last month is was on time just light and only 2 days long, this month it was on time 3 days long a little heavier (like half of a normal tampon filled) and on this 4th day I have a little light brown discharge?

I've been on junel fe for about 8 months now so I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this type of thing.

I am sexually active but the last time I had unprotected sex that month I had a heavy 5 day period. After that me and my partner use birth control and a condom so I can't possibly be pregnant , also the last time we had sex was August 11th a HPT would have picked it up by now.

What gives?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not sure about your particular circumstances but usually its pretty normal for whack periods.

    Hope all goes well. =)

  • gosman
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    4 years ago

    whilst do you think of you concieved? A late era it somewhat is gentle and in straight forward terms lasts for some days is often called implantation bleeding in pregnant women-- whilst the egg is implanting in the uterus. inspite of the actuality that maximum women stop to have sessions in the time of being pregnant, some women could have gentle to primary flows of bleeding during the the 1st months (i might see a doctor if bleeding in the time of being pregnant just to be risk-free) i might take yet another attempt. in case you took a attempt way final month, that would have been too quickly. on the grounds which you attempt to concieve, I desire you the ideal of success.

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