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I always fail when am 100% sure that i passed the test with flying colors? (need help)?

I just took my ap calculas test. The test was so easy, i know it that i nailed every single question. Apparently, when i got my results, i got 85%. To tell you the truth, am depressed right now and completely angry at myself. Right now i cant even focus but think of how stupid i was to get that score. It is the worse score i have ever had in my life and i can't bare and think about it. How can i handle such agony, pain, and self accusation? i have tried self motivation by saying i will do much better on the next test but its not working at all. I went outside to get some fresh air, not working at all. I called my girlfriend and hanged out with her but its still stuck in my head non stop.

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    Don't worry, it's normal. I think most people are like that. But, I can see that in your case it is worse because you are perfectionist. You just need some time to let it go. Try not to worry or regret about it. Life is not perfect, so it's not logical to assume that we have will always do the perfect thing. You are fine the way you are as long as you have try your best. Life work in a strange way. Good luck ^^

    "Imperfection is not our personal problem, it is a natural part of existing"

    - Tara Brach -

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    i had a law test .. i review 200 articles.. and when i take the

    exam i was nervous i lose all my confidence even though i know the

    answer i didn't make it.. later on i didn't follow the direction too late

    and then i passed and failed.. passed because i got high grades with

    the other failed because of deductions.. i cried inside the comfort room

    to hide my disappointment and feeling.. my friends who did not review got

    higher grades .. after that i write an essay about failing grades..

    i learned a lot and i don't push myself to my limit .. i will bring my confidence back..

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