Can anybody tell me what to expect after a peroneal tendon repair?

My husband is a carpenter and he has to go in for surgery on his left foot in less than 2 weeks. We are VERY anxious with fear of the unknown. We'd like to know about the level of pain, how long it might last, average recovery time, what percentage of these surgeries are successful, does he have any hope of being 100% again? And anything else that would be helpful.


If you're not really trying to be helpful please don't reply, this is very serious for me and my family. Thank you.

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    Before he does the surgery find someone in your area that does Myofasicia or Neuromuscular massage therapy, and talk to them and see if they offer you any help. You can alway do the surgery,

    but remember once you do, it closes the door to non - surgery therapies. Both Myofasicia or Neuromuscular are therpies for helping the body heal it's self with drugs.

    I have a friend that was going to have surgery for bone spurs in his knee's. I talked him into trying the Myofasicia, he never did need to have the surgery after having the Myofasicia massage therapy.

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    9 years ago

    Nobody has anyway of knowing the extent of the damage he has (that would be on his films), or other personal history information. Does he smoke? Does he have blood sugar issues? That sort of thing. Those all effect healing. Everybodies level of "pain" is different. He might need pain meds for a couple days - or a couple weeks.

    My best advice - follow the instructions to a "T" - if the doctor says stay off it two weeks, he doesn't mean go fishing with the kids and walk a half-mile to the river bank and back, or walk around the Walmart for an hour. If he says go to physical therapy, go! Men tend to be especially a little hard headed with those sorts of thing.

    What it sounds like you need to do - is ask these exact same questions of the surgeon.

    I'm sure he'll be fine, it will just take longer than anyone would like...

    Good Luck

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    tons of pain

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