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What do I do about this homecoming group?

Homecoming is coming up and I got invited in a homecoming group, but I think I only got invited because my date is a part of that group and I don't talk to anyone else whose going to be in it. I invited my best friend to be in it so it won't be so awkward cuz I could be pretty shy around people that I dont know. Lol it all just depends on my moood and if I'm feeling pumped X) If my best friend can't go then I'm not going to go and plus its really expensive. And wow its going to be a lonnnng night,, soo much going on before and after the dance (: How do I make the best of it and not be shy? Thanks for the help :)

oh and whats the point of homecoming groups? lol I dont get it

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    just make the best of it! if your date has a good friend in the group just tag team with his date i'm sure it will be fine! homecoming is suppose to be fun! so just be silly and just hang around your date and HAVE FUN! it wont be weird or awkward cause everyone will be having fun!

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    It's homecoming girl!! Who cares your date is the one that is buying so that an upside! Just make the best of it you only have four homecomings in your life! Plus when your dancing you'll forget about the awkwardness at dinner if there is any!

    No one wants to be flyin solo with just their dates the more the better!

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    Act like they're all your friends and they'll act the same way!

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