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Why am I so nauseated? How soon does it typically start during pregnancy?

Last night I started feeling nauseated, but it was nothing too serious. This morning I had heart burn and was nauseated, but I did not vomit. Today after eating my dinner I started feeling real ill. Whenever I would bend over or move suddenly I would vomit. I decided to take a nap to see if it would help, but I only feel worse now. Yes, I have had unprotected sex within the last couple of days, but I had my last period on September 15th. Just for the hell of it I took a PT today and it came back negative. My question is, if this were a early sign of pregnancy, how soon do symptoms usually show? To me, it's a long shot that I could be pregnant, however I am still curious.

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    My boobs were sore right around the time I found out (1 week after missed period), but other than that, I only knew I was pregnant because of a positive test. I didn't get start feeling sick till I was 8 weeks along. Every woman and every pregnancy is different though.

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    you do not get pregnancy symptoms until your period is missed or 14 days after sex. Before that its too early. My morning sickness started when i missed my period and got really bad around week 6 and 7

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    I was throwing up a week before I even got a positive test. If your period was two weeks ago you would just be getting pregnant now unless you have a crazy ovulation cycle. Good luck!

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    Set the alarm an hour earlier you opt to upward push up, or maybe as it is going off cram some foodstuff on your mouth (crackers or some thing you are able to save by potential of the mattress) then pass back to sleep. ingesting an orange earlier mattress facilitates alot too, although i do not understand why. in many circumstances, only ingesting some thing that takes awhile to digest, like pasta, accurate earlier mattress is a competent theory.

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    Mine started at 7 weeks.

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    I started throwing up before I knew I was pregnant but just thought it was something bad I had eaten... Sure enough I was pregnant.

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