Why does this happen?

It's kind of random, but a lot of the time I get so dizzy. Then I get like headrushes, like I'm high off painkillers but I'm not. And when I look somethings there's blank spots. Like not black spots but like part of my eyes aren't working. Also a lot of the times I see things that aren't there for a few seconds, but it's not like out of the corner of my eye. For example say a blurry figure walking across the street, when I look up for a second. A second later it's gone. Also, I get so paranoid.

I have depression, anxiety, etc, i don't think that matters though.


I don't think I did anything to get a concussion. I've got high off anxiety pills, painkillers, and I take too many headache pills if that helps.

Update 2:

I think the word is blind spots

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You might have a concussion.

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