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what do you think of my heavy metal song ? xx?

well i have recently joined a band and is experienced songwriter and guitarist for that matter and the people where i live think im a complete god for writing this song :) was also wrecked when writing it :) xx

who's that dark figure which stands before me

out of darkness the mist hits your eyes

how come that mysterious person lays before me

dam he was a man of great surprise

enter realm

enter realm

tell me how it felt

why must this person stand before me

shivering out of pure fear

how come this ****** scares the life out of me

one day your soul will disappear

enter realm

enter realm , tell me how it felt

portal too another dimension

surely you can feel the tension

lord i will not obey

or turn too evil face

light and dark will remain

keeps me from appearing insane

enter realm , tell me how it felt

believed i was the one

a new day has sprung

grant me the power

or else life will turn sour

change of abrupt mind

dark secrets you shall find

he keeps laughing on own

too many spirits have flown

enter realm

enter realm

tell me how it felt << and that's it , hope you enjoy the masterpiece

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    Pretty darn contrived.

  • 9 years ago

    The opening line is almost directly ripped off of Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath.

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