A serious question for Mormons about the wedding?

Alright, so I am serious on this, and would like to honestly know what they do and why it is done for one particular part of the wedding.

So, I was told by a lady who is mormon, that they were taken into a private room, and I think it was the elders or something, they laid their hands on her private areas and prayed over them.

First, is this true?

Why is this done like this? If they want to pray over them (for making plenty of babies I am assuming) why can't they just pray, why do they have to touch the girl? And why is the husband allowing this to happen?

Please only serious answers, I would really like to know!


I am wondering because this came from a mormon lady. She didn't say that they did anything more than that. But she thought it was weird and asked her husband about it, and he told her that it was normal.

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    &feature=related -- pre 1990 ceremony


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    &feature=related -- new ceremony



    They did touch parts once, but not in the marriage ceremony. It's in the "endowment" ceremony. I know, I know. They discontinued it after a survey went out to all membership asking what they didn't like about it. Most people said they didn't like the intimate touching bits, and the threats of dying. Poof! They were taken away as non-sacred all of a sudden, and haven't beeen seen since.

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    4 years ago

    there has been some marvelous suggestion given...in basic terms needed to characteristic my 2 cents. you've a ring ceremony and have somebody clarify the temple marriage...that exchange right into a great suggestion, the ideal i think of. i does not attempt to have 2 weddings, as a results of fact your temple sealing often is the only one that truly concerns. you are able to exchange jewelry nonetheless after exterior or on the church or the place ever as a results of fact there is easily no longer any area in the temple wedding ceremony the place you exchange jewelry, they even have you ever progression faraway from the altar and do it in case you want. so which you may desire to save that area on your loved ones to work out... good success...and likewise, you're able to have a protracted engagement as a results of fact i think of you are able to desire to attend a 300 and sixty 5 days or so when you have been baptized to pass to the temple...it somewhat is somewhat helpful to ascertain on that incase you're making plans to get married precise away.

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    @"They touch various parts of your body in the Mormon temple, an ordinance they call the "washing & anointing." It's not part of their temple ceremony, though."

    Nope. Now they just touch the head. I should know. It was just this past Saturday when I went. That's all I'm saying because the temple is a sacred thing but I figured I'd at least clear the air. :)

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    This would be a good question to ask at the website called Mormon.org.

    A representative of THE Church Of JESUS CHRIST Of Latter Day Saints would be more than happy to answer this question, and any other that you feel that you need to know, on any particular subject relating to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Additionally you should consider taking in-home lessons by LDS Missionaries who have been taught and trained to answer questions like this, and also work with people, so that they will know everything they need to know to become part of Jesus Christ's true and holy Church here on planet Earth.

    Mormons give more to charity than any other group of people in the World according to Income Tax Returns, and no other group of people is even in the same ball park as far as that is concerned.

    And Mormons are the most chaste people in the World, and in that regard are highly elevated compared to the increasingly debased standards that are sinking by the day, in the World that we live in.

    Mormons believe in celebrating life not the sins of the World. Simple as that.

    God bless.

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  • 9 years ago

    Uh no. They do NOT do that. They have never touched "private" parts during a temple ceremony. Unless your collar bone and knee region is offensive. And even then it wasnt some "caress" it was like a fingertip touch. Feather light. AND it was done by another of your own sex.

    They dont even do that anymore.

    People with dirty minds are eager to make everything else dirty as well. I bet they think doctors are flat out perverts.

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    They touch various parts of your body in the Mormon temple, an ordinance they call the "washing & anointing." It's not part of their temple ceremony, though.

    Here's some more info about the wedding ceremony and the washing & anointings in case you'd like more info.



    @Marvel M Well congrats! Thanks for the update, too. I didn't know they changed that. I'm glad they did because it was very uncomfortable when I had to do the touching stuff...

    Source(s): ex-Mormons, went to the Mormon temple dozens of times.
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    Uh...no. Definitely not true. No Mormon would ever do that, or submit to it. Are you sure this lady is actually Mormon?

  • 9 years ago

    They touch your head btw.

    Marriage in the temple is considered sacred thats why we don't talk about it. But nothing bad happens in there (like many people seem to think). We are Christians just like many others, we just have temples and some different standards.


  • Calvin
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    9 years ago

    As far as I know they ever only touch your head during a Mormon blessing

  • 9 years ago

    They used to lightly touch you on the outside of your hip. Now, it's just on top of your head.

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