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i have a frend whos twins die at birth and i dont know what to say to him?

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    I had a friend who lost his baby at 3 months from sids, i was just like you. I had no idea of what to say to him, At first it was awkward between us because he was a ticking time bomb, But i let him know that i'm here to listen to whatever he has to say, every once and while he'll talk about his son, how funny he was, how he hated his big brother holding him, how he hardly ever cried, he was a quiet baby although he never smiled, i only held him once at christmas. He's opening up more it's been 4 yrs but he will never really be the same or heal because a part of him was lost, but his oldest son and 2 baby daughters are here to remind him that he's still loved and needed. So just be there when ever he needs someone to talk to, sometimes just listening can help more than you know.

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    Be there for him and his wife. Let them know that you are thinking of them and if you need anything, they can always depend on you. Listen to your friend.

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    The only thing that you can do is: just be there for your friend.

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