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Can you have sex with phimosis?

I have phimosis. I can retract my skin fully when I am in the shower but once I am erect, only the top of my head shows.

Will this be a problem?

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    you need to fix that

    not only cause it can be painful but because you should be washing and drying the head daily

    so loosen it up by doing foreskin stretching excercises (look them up)

  • lakey
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    4 years ago

    Sex With Phimosis

  • 9 years ago

    I used to suffer from this problem and yes, you can have sex with phimosis. Using a condom is pretty much crucial as it holds the foreskin in place and doesn't put too much pressure on it (which would be extremely painful).

    It actually isn't that big a deal in reality, the one major problem is that with your foreskin forward and a condom on, you don't get a great deal of physical stimulation. You have to be pretty aroused for it to work properly and get yourself all the way to ejaculating, but then an attractive girl lying there naked usually helps with that even if the physical stimulation isn't there. You will certainly last longer than if it were retracted, which is usually more of a problem with men than lasting too long.

    The absolutely key thing in all of this, however, is to speak to your girlfriend/partner about it. When I had phimosis it really wasn't an issue at all to us because we were open about it - I mean seriously, we had bigger things on our mind than a slightly tight bit of skin. If you do that then you don't have any worries about what she thinks about it and you can just enjoy it.

    Incidentally, I cured my phimosis with stretching eventually. I tried all the techniques using your fingers and whatever else (with no luck) so what I eventually did is bought a lot of "flesh tunnels", which are basically little tubes that people put in their ears as piercings - you can get them on ebay or from piercing shops. You must buy ones made from silicone and they're almost perfectly made to fit into your foreskin. I used to put one in, leave it in there for a week (only taking it out twice a day to clean it to minimise the risk of any infection), then after a week I would take it out and replace it with a flesh tunnel that was 2mm in diameter thicker than the one I'd been using... and so on week after week.

    Sounds complicated, but it really isn't if you just google them and buy a few at the right size for you (I started at 20mm, but you can find this out just by measuring lengthways across the opening of your foreskin). After a while I had stretched it enough that it didn't give me any problems anymore. I honestly wish someone had told me this several years earlier as I wasted a lot of time trying to just use my fingers to stretch it, but like I say, the phimosis didn't really have much of an impact on my sex life, so don't worry too much about it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It might be painful if you have phimosis...


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