Why she didn't respond my message on Facebook? Did I do something to her? ?

Hi, I'm a guy, my friend is a girl, when were talking each other on Facebook, when I respond her a message again, she's online again, she didnt respond my message because first of all I told her "so do you have a good memory"? And she said "haha alot hbu"? And I send her message and said " me too, you know I have a very good memory and I even know what happen in middle school :) you used to be my classmate in gym two days ago, did you went to china last summer vacation"? And she wont respond my message on facebook in 3 days ago and I saw her posted her new comment and changed her profile picture! I felt upset because she won't respond my message on Facebook :( I need help! Do you guys think i was stalking her because I know her in middle school? I feel bad and sad but once last week she posted a new comment about herself and the next day she respond my message. I think I need to wait until she send me a new message on Facebook? do you guys think she hates me? Or maybe we send message each other to long on Facebook?

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  • Meghan
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    9 years ago
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    Oh my freaking gosh. Calm down. It's a Facebook message, not the end of the world. Maybe send her a simple "hey" and see where that goes.

    She doesn't hate you. Chill out

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