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I want to be a commercial pilot but I've heard it's hard to get hired with out military experience read on?

I've heard that they don't usually hire people who havent been in the navy or air force is this true and is there any other way without going into the military if not I've heard of the NROTC school for officers is this the best thing to do if you are going to go through the navy to eventually become a commercial pilot when you get out of the military I need to know this please answer.

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    Not completely true. Here's thing thing, without going through the military you need 10,000 dollars straight cash to buy a commercial license (includes the cost of classes). However, during those classes you need to ALSO pay for some air time. After that, you'll be flying small aircraft for starters, and you'll be fighting your way up.

    I am currently in the Air Force. What I can tell you about going through the military - is that you are just about guaranteed a job. Going through the military you can get qualifications for huge aircraft, and you will log a SH*TTON of hours. Most of our cargo pilots are in the air at least every other day.

    Beyond that, being in the military shows you have a fantastic track record of responsibility and experience (so long as you don't screw up with while you're in). Basically, whichever company hires you will know they aren't taking much of a risk. If you work for them straight out of a civilian flying school, you have absolutely no track record.

    You can do it without the military but, it is extremely harder.

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    While a large number of commercial pilots are military vets the vast majority of commercial pilots have never served. That being said if you come straight out of a civilian professional flight school a military vet will beat you hands down for a job every time obviously...

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    You don't have to be a military vet

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