Interviewing a young mother for my informative speech?

My speech is obviously informing my peers about how it is to be a young parent. I am interviewing an old friend of mine who got pregnant at the age of seventeen, I am not sure what questions to ask. I don't want to get too personal. I just want information. Help me come up with questions I can ask? Thanks in advance.



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  • 9 years ago
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    obviously your friend can not enjoy the carefree life of a high school student anymore.

    Build on that theme. How often does she have to get up at night to feed and tend the baby?

    When the baby cries and feeding doesn't calm the baby, what does she do? How does she cope?

    Is she able to get a good night sleep some nights? How much time does she need to

    spend preparing the formula for the day? Does she feed the baby canned foods or does she need tp puree foods for the baby herself?

    Has she learned what conditions cause the baby to cry? Hungry? wet diaper? Colic?

    any others?

    Don't ask her if she is sorry she had the baby, but you can ask if she misses school?

    How and when will she complete her schooling? What advice would she give for

    other students in high school?

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