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Is the oldest the most intelligent in siblings and strongest?

I have noticed this tends to be true most of the time. The elder one is ususally most intelligent out of the rest. He/she tend to be smarter, faster, and stronger. I am saying most of the time not always. In my big family usually this is the pattern. Do you think it true. Is it samething with your family.

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    Not at all... i'm the youngest and I got all the brains...

  • 9 years ago

    No. I couldn't resist your question....

    My eldest brother has a 10 cent head. Shitt for brains if you will. Is really stupid in my eyes and others. Strong body, weak head.

    Second in line is physically strongest but not mentally sharp and is quite selfish.

    Younger brother has brains and brawn.and well rounded in all areas, giving, loving, grateful and very pleasant to be with. He is the only one who qualifies to be called a real brother.

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