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can you put these courts in order for illinois?

and also name there jurisdiction

circuit, appellate court, court of claimes, supreme court, juvenile court, magistrate court, municipal court, probate court, traffic court

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    Lower courts(Magistrate, Municipal, Traffic, claims, Probate, juvenile) *These are at the bottom*

    In the middle (circuit, supreme)

    Towards the top (appellate)

    Very top (state supreme)

    The Magistrate will handle alot of the smaller things, claims, municipal, juvenile (if the offense is not that bad). The circuit courts is the most known they handle traffic, juvenile that if felony. Appellate can retry cases.

    Magistrate has local laws jurisdiction as stated about over little things, Circuit courts have the county, and the state supreme has the state, the appellate have zones in the United states, and the Supreme Courts have the entire United states

    Source(s): In college for Criminal Justice, got from my court book
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