Suny albany: what are my chances?

Ok, this is my one and only chance to get outta the ghetto. Heres my resume. Went to HS on full academic scholarship. 3.3gpa played baseball freshman year, student council & national honor society junior & seinor. Got a couple places volunteered at including hospitals & food drives. And my SAT was a 1170/1600. I really need this place to come in clutch for me.

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    9 years ago
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    I don't know what GPA scale your school uses; but, I think you should be fine. I think you could do better on your SAT if you really want to be safe. And you should take SAT II subject tests for a better chance. Even though they say it's "optional", they will really help out if you can pull off decent scores. And do remember that they look at your GPA AND rigor of secondary school courses. So be aware of those things and try to boost up your SAT a bit so you can stay above the middle 50% of the first-year students.

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