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I feel so selfish, sad and confused?

My grampa is sick, like really really sick and is in the hospital. I havent really been very close to him but knowing that he's going to die really soon, it doesnt feel good, not at all. The other day we were there and when we were about to leave she told us to go in and hug him and say goodbye and tell him we loved him and she was really close to crying, so I started crying. I really didnt think I was going to feel this sad. And before I knew he was this sick I was bugging my mom for permission to go to a party and when she didnt let me I was mad, so she then told me that I was being selfish and told me about how my grampa was dying. Now I feel like the worst person in the world, god im so ******* selfish. And the worst thing is that I got into university (so did 4 friends more) and they were telling me to go celebrate with them tomorrow, but I cant ask my mom to let me do it can I? I really want to go, but she'll probably say no or idk. I would suck to stay all alone in my house the day I got into college while knowing that everyone else is celebrating.

This sucks I feel horrible, and kinda sad and all I want to do is cry. Worst thing my mom is not even home right now she is always at the hospital I only saw her like once on the past three days, and i feel like im being so selfish but I cant seem to stop :(

Im 16 btw

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    I know how exactly how you feel, but you can go to parties at any time. I don't remember that last thing I said to my grandfather, because he died of an ashma attack all in one day, while I was at school. Go to hospital and take that golden opportunity to tell your grandfather how mucn you love. Forget your mistake and do what needs to be done before its too late. Believe you feel alot better, and ask God to help.

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