Breastfeeding Help, Should I quit?

I have a new 6 week old baby girl and I am having trouble with my supply.

My 18 month old breastfeed till 11 months when he decided he didn't need it anymore I had plenty of milk and feeding came easily, I was very lucky with him.

But with my daughter I have no milk and she is not putting on any weight, I have just started supplementing her with formula, I have tried everything, pumping after feeds, feeding every 2 hours, all the supplements you can think of and nothing works, even my lactation consultant is out of ideas.

I am giving it till the end of her second month before I give up, its too much with 2 bubs, I barely have time for my son any more cause its all boobs and bottles and I think I am missing out on too much of my kids, trying to breast feed, express and then formula top up.

Is it wrong to just go with formula and put my energy into having fun with my kids??


Blood loss was the same with both about 200ml the births were almost identical in every way.

No apparent physical problems with me, I have had a pap and intenal check and all seems normal, (not sure about thyroid though)

My son did have a tounge tie which was snipped at 10 days daughter has been checked but no TT.

I feel we have been through absolulty everything and maybe its more my mental/emotional state that is affecting my supply.

Thanks for all your input though.

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  • 9 years ago

    You sound like a wonderful mother. I am pro-breastfeeding (though I only have a six-month-old, so I'm still kind of new to this world), but it is *not* wrong to go with end up going with formula--it sounds like you have expended an enormous amount of time and energy into providing your daughter with the best and healthiest sustenance you can offer, but breastfeeding your daughter at the cost of enjoying parenting both her and your son is not worth it. I think committing to sticking with it until the two-month mark and continuing to work with your lactation consultant until then is a great idea--you may still be able to pinpoint and solve whatever the problem is, and if you don't, then at least you know you gave an honest, committed effort. You should not be discouraged or feel guilty if breastfeeding just doesn't work out this time: it's not like you tried it for a couple days and just gave up--you've tried *really* hard to make this work, and your efforts are to be commended! Remember, the best thing you have to offer your kids isn't breastmilk--it's being a loving mother who is committed to meeting their needs in the best way she can, and you sound like you're hitting that nail on the head.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No I don't think so. You have tried all you could. I would, like you said, try to stick it out a few more weeks because it isn't going to happen over night and you never know, your supply may start to increase.

    You will be no good to any one if you are exhausted from trying to breast feed and on top of that have a hungry baby and an older child who may be feeling left out. You gave it your all there is no shame in bottle feeding. Go have fun with your babies!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Do not feel guilty at all. You tried with all of your might to make it work and it's not. She will be fine. Enjoy life with your kids. Stressing about not producing milk is only taking away precious time that you will not be able to replace. You are a wonderful mom who is trying her hardest to give her kids the best, that's all you can do. There are things in life that are out of our hands so give your baby girl formula without any guilt and enjoy being a mommy to two beautiful kids. Best of luck!

    BTW, I am totally a pro breastfeeding mom, I breastfed both of my kids but I have friends that tried and for some reason were not succesfull. They are no less of a mom for having given their child formula It's worse to stress out because your children perceive it and they get affected by it.

  • Ellen
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    You should have *more* milk with a second baby, not less. Have you been examined for retained placenta? Any thyroid disorders? Something interfering with the baby's latch and/or suck?

    Ask your LC to refer you to a physician who is a breastfeeding medicine specialist. Ot look at the ILCA website for a pediatrician who is also IBCLC and is practicing in your area.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): hospital IBCLC and mothers' group leader 20+ years mom to 3
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  • BHapi
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    This is really odd that you had such a great supply before and not now? Quick is your blood loss?Edit: thanks Ellen, that's what I was getting at :) xo

    Source(s): Midwife
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