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Seat preference? (Any kind of bike)?

I recently encountered a question on Yahoo Answers asking about how people preferred their seat on a bmx bike. Also why "teenagers" preferred their seat on their bmx bike so low and tilted slightly up. I was told off on the question, the guy mocked me in fancy fashion. I'll link the question. But there are many reasons why the seat is so low to the post and why tilted up.

1. Weight, most bmx seat posts are only about 3 inches high to save weight, sure you could raise it, but it wouldn't really make much of a difference.

2. To my circumstances, I tend to fall off my bike a lot when my friends and I hit the park, if you have a seat thats raised so it's almost raping you, the turnout of that fall is not going to be good, rather if your seat was low to the post, you have much more room and lee-way of maneuverability.

3. The seats pointed slightly up because if you look at the mechanics of the body, when you sit on such a low frame, your thigh/butt area is not directly parallel to the frame. Its slightly pointed upwards. To make it more comfortable, the seat is adjusted to the persons liking, which varies upon height and how long the bike is.

4. I have to admit, being a teenager myself, we all want to look like the big bmxers that are out there right now. So we tweak our bikes to match that image. Come on, we see it in everyday life. Want a nice sports car? Well why do you need a spoiler? Why the custom paint? I guess bmxing for kid is a bad thing now (Someone please explain to me as to which this is why?)

I'm sorry, but some kid told me off on that question and it sorta made me mad, but now that I explained, lets go back to the question! HOW DO YOU PREFER YOU SEAT ON YOUR BIKE? Do you like it a little wide? Slim? High? Low? Crooked to the right side? Would like to see your answers :)

Btw here's the question if you're really interested ahah. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjX2g...


I knew I'd get a hater or two :(

It's called personal preference (ride what you like)

In fact I have two other bikes. A mtb, Haro, and a road bike from Jamis (Love it)

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    Different strokes for different folks... One thing that works for one person doesn't work for another.

    For road bike;

    Personally, I like a medium-narrow seat, nose pointed down slightly. Set to the proper height for my leg.

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    i dont know why you even like bmxing at all ride a real bike or walk

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