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What do I do for a sprained toe?

While practicing soccer, i kicked the ground and hurt my toe. For the first few days, my toe was black. It is really swollen and slightly discolored after a week. It hurts terribly to kick with it and it's sore to run on. I was wondering what i should do to stop the pain and swelling so I can play soccer.


I got an X-ray on it and it's not broken, but the doctor told me it was most likely sprained.

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    If it turned black its broke. All they do for a broken toe is spiking it. Take first aide tape and tape it to the toe next to it. If you can take a break but if your like most and want to continue to play. Get the toe guards at any local stores that sell first aide supplies. You can cut them down to fit the toe. My son played baseball using these. Soccor might be a little harder since you are going to be in pain every time you kick. Usually takes about 2 wks

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    ice, they wont do anything for a toe. dont kick with it for quite a while

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    Ice it

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