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My girlfriend wont give me head?

We are both 19 and about a week ago I tried to get her to give me a bj but she wouldn't. I'm not going to pressure her about it or force her. And we have been dating for 6 months. She was also a virgin when we got together. She seemed kinda afraid to do it. So I think maybe something might have happened or she's just nervous or afraid. Do you get nervous giving a bj for the first time? I suppose I wouldn't know this. I just want to understand this more.

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    maybe if you were to give her some oral she might return the favor. anyone needs to start slowly when give oral sex

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    nolan, she will do it when she is ready, which could be tomorrow..... or never.

    some girls have been told that only dirty or slutty girls suck a guys c-o-c-k and that may be where she is coming from. she may also simply be afraid to try it because believe it or not, she does not know how and she is afraid that she will not do a good job.

    there are two things you can do. one of them is to speak with her nicely and let her know that you would love for her to do that for you when she is ready and that you will love her even if she doesn't. offer to teach her how by letting her suck one of your fingers while you help her to learn. eventually she may want to try it for real, and when she does, remember to be very gentle with her (no holding her head down, no telling her "suck it, b-i-t-c-h"). also, be SURE not to let her suck very long for the first time, because the LAST thing you want is to lose control and explode in her mouth!

    the second thing you might do is go perform oral sex on HER. there are two reasons for this. first, it is one of the most fun and hot things that you can do with your lips and tongue. if you have never done it before, watch some porn where it is done (girl on girl often shows it in greater detail). learn how to do it so well that she moans and shakes and even c-u-m-s when you do it to her. the second reason that you want to do that is that it might get her so turned on that she will WANT to try it with you!!! but even if she doesn't, you will have more fun with her than you have had in a long time.

    write back and let us know how it goes, cause we are all curious :-)))

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    Don't pressure her so much if you wouldn't do the same for her.

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    If she doesn't want to do it, don't make her. It could turn her off.

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