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How will it affect my cat if we get rid of our other cat?

I have two cats, but one will not pee inside the litterbox. We have tried everything. We have three litterboxes and are going to four, we have bought tons of feliway. We've moved the food to where she is peeing. We've moved the litterbox. She will correct her behavior for a short time and then start peeing again. I'm afraid that our only option is to find someone else to care for her, but I'm worried about what that will do to my other cat. He likes to chase her and play with her. Serious answers only please.

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    He'll likely go through a period of separation anxiety, he could hide more, be more clingy or whiny. After a few months he should return to normal.

    Have you taken your cat to the vet? If she has a urinary tract infection or something, she's more likely to go outside the box.

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    I am the mom of these kids here. rayco4 is my husband. The cat is about 6 months old, has never been in heat. She has always been the sweetest, most love cat to each of the kids. Our kids are 13 and 10. They know how to handle her and she has NEVER acted like this until today. But know if ANY of us, including me or my husband, try to even pick her up, she will let out this long drawn out meow and growl and hiss at us. The she will try to bite or scratch. This is a complete change in her personality. She doesn't appear to be injured. She is running around and moving just fine. This morning before school she was cuddling with our daughters without a problem. Nothing has been different today. Whatever is happening, it is NOT because of how we are handling her. Please help us figure this out!!

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    Your cat might be sad and will look for its friend.

    I do want to ask you - was your cat declawed? This is a very common reason why cats dont use their litter box and is entirely owner error - its a well known side effect!

    Has she been checked for a bladder infection?

    Here is a link about why cats dont use their litter and tips to help.

    Passing your problem cat to another person is not fair unless the person knows your cat is a problem. There are millions of healthy cats put down in shelters every year, why would anyone take one that has a behavior problem? Just a thought, if you must "get rid of her" you may consider euthanasia if you cannot find somebody who will take her knowing she has a problem. DO NOT dump her at a shelter without informing them of this either - its unfair.

    You may want to adopt a different cat to keep yours company. BE SURE you know which cat is behaving like that and why!

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    Your cat will most likely go through a period of time where he'll be crying and running around looking for her. I had to separate my cats for about a week one time and the one that stayed at home with me cried a lot, and spent hours looking around the house for her. So that's probably the most that would happen. He'll probably be back to normal after a month or so...

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    i have 10 cats (finally got them fixed but the males got the females preggers so D: currently tryin to get rid of most) and we have 4 litter boxes. of course the males will mark their teritory and that so they started moving the litter OUT of boxes. Maybe you could giver her treats and that wen she goes in the litterbox. She might think she isnt getting enuf praise to no to go there. *hope i helped :D

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    What i would be worried about right now is what is going on, ask a vet about it, she could have some kind of disease, she could also be fighting for dominance with your other cat, they may seem like they are bonded and may be, but they may still fight for dominance, is she pooping outside to? how bonded are the cats? Are the cats spayed/ nuetered?

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    if you havent had the other cat long, then your old cat probably wont miss her that much. if youve had them for a long time, then he may go through some anxiety, but he'll get over it. from my experience, cats dont usually bond as much with other cats like dogs do with other dogs

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