Is it normal for me not to be a freak about giving my bf head?

Before we started dating I was beat and forced to give someone head an ever since then I've been hurt. The other day me and my bf were having sex an he leaned forward to kiss me an I freaked out an moved an made him stop an all I could think of is when I was beat but my bf that I have now would NEVER beat me. Is it normal for me to do that its been a year since I've been beat an I don't noe what to do so it won't happen. He tries asking but I say idk what ur talking about an lie about.

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    9 years ago
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    Listen.You don't have to give a boy head ever again, if you don't want to.Its a choice.I had a relationship where the guy wanted head constantly. I learned to hate it.Since then I've been in three relationships with men where they ALL said that if I didn't enjoy it,it was OK with them.I can certainly understand why this act freaks you out.Does your boyfriend know about it? If you care about him, and he sincerely likes you, you should talk about it. If he gets pissy, he's not worth it.

  • 9 years ago

    Tell him you have issues with it and you're just not ready to talk about it, don't lie, he'll either get over it or he won't.

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