what documents must you change once you are married and taking your husbands last name?

i was wondering because i havent done so yet.... thank you

(i am a us citzen)

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    9 years ago
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    Why would you take your husband's last name? Does he own you? Are you his property?

    You take your marriage license to the DMV and get your driver's license changed.

    Then you go to the Social Security office and change your name on your SS card.

    Then you go to your bank, and change your name on all your accounts.

    The same for your car note.

    The same for all your insurance policies.

    The same at your job.

    The same for your credit cards.

    The same if you are enrolled in any clubs, subscriptions, activities, etc.

    And if you have a kid, you have to go to his/her school and inform them of the name change.

    Source(s): It's all a HUGE pain in the ass to change your name - he'd better be worth it!
  • 9 years ago

    The most important legal document is your Social Security Card. Just go to the local social security office and they will give you the paperwork to fill out (check online as to what documentation you need at the SS office). After that, go and change your driver's license, then your name on bills/mail, and anything else that bears your name. Congrats!

  • 9 years ago

    Maybe an ownership certificate?

  • Liza2
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    9 years ago

    social security, DMV, bills....

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